We are a group of experienced traders and programmers who have been trading for many years and have designed various strategies that trade for you without the emotion. We are hear to share our knowledge and experience with other aspiring, and passionate traders.

We have further developed our skills with automatic trading tools that help you succeed in the TLC Traders War Room – a private membership area hosting a private chat room. forum, and our training centre.

Kristina Suh, first discovered the Forex market back in early 2008, she attended many seminars and short courses and figured it was fairly easy. She started off like most traders – overconfident, but soon found that it was much more complex that expected.

You see, she was trading using recommended indicators and combinations, and chart templates. This become a little overwhelming, as there was too much information to really understand the market. Also, she was required to sit in front of the computer all the time analyzing the data to decide on what to trade.

After many years of research and analysis and designing her own strategies, she looked for programmers that could take her ideas and strategies and create automated tools to trade for her that would not only take the emotion out of trading but the long hours in front of the computer, which was better served with spending time with her family.  The tool also gave her access to various markets regardless of the time of day/night.

She wanted to share her knowledge and experience so that others would not make the same mistakes and suffer the same heartaches.

So here she is today, showing other traders what she has learnt through her trading journey. But it doesn’t stop there – Kristina is always researching. developing and testing new strategies and money management systems with her associates and programmers.

Regardless of what level of Forex trader you are – We are confident you will find something useful here to take back to your trading with TLC Traders.

Kristina worked with many traders and wanted to help others succeed in an industry that is very competitive and overwhelming to most. She created TLC Traders with trading tools and support for her members.

If you want to get ahead in this industry, you can do so with the assistance and support of the TLC team.

One of the best ways to move forward is by teaching others what you know. By mentoring other traders about Forex – I keep myself in check.

The site is self fulfilling – by helping other traders get on their feet, helping them move forward, and giving them a good understanding about Forex trading has only strengthened my skills as a trader. You can never stop growing, helping others is a good way to self-improve.

This website is an ongoing project and I work hard each day to implement new features, updates and improvements. I only publish quality information for my visitors, and thrive to maintain a high standard in everything I do.

TLC Training Centre

  • If you’re a beginner and you would like to learn the basic principles of Forex trading and how the market works, then you can check out our Forex Beginners Course.
  • If you want to use our Automated trading tools, we have a complete section on the various strategies, everyone has a preference, so we have designed and tested several strategies and are always improving them.

Forum / Private Chat room / Live Training sessions

  • Forum, where you get the latest on the market watch
  • Private Chat room, A place where you can ask questions on our trading tools
  • Live Training sessions, A place to learn and ask live  while testing  your strategies.


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If you are a beginner or advanced, there will always be something that you may need help with. eg Installation or configuration of our trading systems.


How can we help you evolve as a trader?

Join the team that cares and works hard to make life easier and profitable for you.

We understand that exciting potential a career as a trader is to a person, and how fantastic the ‘ideal’ lifestyle can be. You’ve probably already even visioned yourself on a tropical beach somewhere working on your suntan, trading on your laptop while sipping on exotic cocktails. There is no problem with setting goals, but let’s be realistic, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Unfortunately most traders never achieve what they’ve set out to do. Most of the time they lack a solid trading plan, money management system or the mental capacity to control their emotions, continuously jumping from trading system to trading system until nothing is left.

Don’t be one of these traders that reminds me of an aircraft which never gets the chance to take off the runway. The pain of continuously grounding themselves by making continuous bad decisions.

Sadly, the internet is saturated with tons of very low quality information, scams and account disintegrating trading robots. New, and experienced traders get caught up in all the marketing hype which promise everything and deliver nothing.

Within 5 minutes of searching the net for Forex content you will find…

  • Trading systems that use weird exotic indicators that make your charts look like a 5 year old’s drawing.
  • Scalping systems that burn your eyes out due to the fact they require you to sit in front of the trading screen all day, just to try and grab 5 measly pips per trade.
  • Trading strategies based on astrology, basing trading decisions on planetary alignments???
  • Trading gurus that tell you what you should have done, only in hindsight.
  • Forex trading robot scams with headlines like, ‘Buy this Forex trading robot; it will make you $1000 every night while you sleep’.

At TLC Traders, we have designed trading tools that trade on the strategy that you feel most comfortable with, not to say that you have the option to trade manually with the assistance of the trading tool. One thing I found over the years is that having a strategy is one thing, but being able to stay up 24/7 and watch the charts so you don’t miss the trade is the most frustrating thing, which is why we have designed these tools. It not only can open and close the orders, but has a money management tool built in to safeguard any sudden changes in the market.

We run a weekly live training session for our members to learn how to use them and also ask questions/get help if needed. You will also find training material in your backoffice to visit and re-visit to help you through your journey.